Zero1 – Finding the Right Social Media Influencer Campaign?

SocialStar by Zero1

is an online ad networking tool which plays an instrumental role in striking this deal between an advertiser and an influencer. Every time an article by an advertiser comes in contact with the social media presence of an influencer, the article goes viral. This is the importance of influencers, they have what every advertiser crave for, huge amount of traffic.


Zero1 – Facilitating Influencers to grow their audience.

Zero1 is a top leader in social media campaigning and ad networking. It’s an easy platform for celebrities and other public figure to monetize the brand they have become over the years. What makes a celebrity an influencer? It’s when they use their popularity and drive a particular campaign in any direction they want. With the help of Zero1, an influencer gets access to hundreds of thousands of highly engaging and informative articles. They choose the most appropriate articles for the kind of audience they have on their page. This is a process in which the audience gets its interesting content, the advertiser gets a readership for their content and the influencer manages to grow his brand name.


zero1 – Visual Content to use for an effective Social Media Campaign

If you are doing a social media campaign, you have to know that more than the text content, it is the visual content that attracts and engages a user. It is a fact that text based content is extremely crucial but when you combine it with visual content, the social media campaign reaches more number of people. More than 90 percent information which comes to the brain is visual and visual content is a type of content that more people can easily relate with.

Zero1 is a Redefining digital media & advertising Network


When you tag along a compelling picture with the amazing text content, people are more likely to finish reading the whole text. The images should be of high quality and relevant to the subject of the text. Internet Marketer Jeff Bullszero1 pointed out that articles having images gets 94 percent more responses than those without images.

2. Videos

A video is more revolutionary than images, you can point out a problem and offer a solution, all in one video of no longer than 2 or 3 minutes. This is what a user desires, addressing of their problems and quick solutions and when you provide it so quickly, the marketing strategy is bound to go viral.

3. Infographics

Infographics is what you may call the new ‘in’ thing that replaced the plain old excel sheets and power point presentations where one or two slides actually carried important information while the rest was only introductions and thank you notes. An infographic is generally a page full of information, arranged in an interactive so that a user can learn with fun.

Zero1 – Ways to Scale Your Social Media Exposure

Zero1 – One of the keys on whether a social media strategy will work or not is how a user interacts with all their leads on social media. According to researches, it is revealed that leads on social media has a 100 percent higher conversion rates than leads one get through outbound marketing. If done right, social media can affect your conversion and sales on a gigantic level which outbound

marketing cannot even think of. Now let’s talk about the 3 fool proof ways to scale your social media exposure.
Firstly, it is extremely important to write a complete company bio, the kind which is comprehensively detailed and has all cruc

ial information about the company. You should mention your products, your accomplishments, the basic and local information, the hours of operations and the time you can be available for a call or meeting. Do not forget to add your brand slogan or any kind of motto, if there is any. These information leaves a good impression on the clients and they contact you on priority.
Secondly, try to build a trustworthy relationship with your followers. The social media influencer industry depends a lot on one factor, which is reliability. If you keep a regular interaction with the followers, it builds a certain kind of trust. After that, they take your words for facts and you can drive them to

important things that matter using the trust, it’s one of the key factors that make brands bigger, when there is a crisis, such as an accident, a natural calamity, an awareness campaign where influencers can help, the information you furnish will hold most important in the eyes of a user.
If you are not an influencer yet but your social media presence is almost as effective as one of them influencers, it is better to just partner with them and give your campaign the much needed boost. Influencers have a large audience base and since you have the engaging content, partnering with them can help you find relevant audience and the purpose of the content is served only when it caters to the people it was meant for, in the first place.