Zero1 – One of the keys on whether a social media strategy will work or not is how a user interacts with all their leads on social media. According to researches, it is revealed that leads on social media has a 100 percent higher conversion rates than leads one get through outbound marketing. If done right, social media can affect your conversion and sales on a gigantic level which outbound

marketing cannot even think of. Now let’s talk about the 3 fool proof ways to scale your social media exposure.
Firstly, it is extremely important to write a complete company bio, the kind which is comprehensively detailed and has all cruc

ial information about the company. You should mention your products, your accomplishments, the basic and local information, the hours of operations and the time you can be available for a call or meeting. Do not forget to add your brand slogan or any kind of motto, if there is any. These information leaves a good impression on the clients and they contact you on priority.
Secondly, try to build a trustworthy relationship with your followers. The social media influencer industry depends a lot on one factor, which is reliability. If you keep a regular interaction with the followers, it builds a certain kind of trust. After that, they take your words for facts and you can drive them to

important things that matter using the trust, it’s one of the key factors that make brands bigger, when there is a crisis, such as an accident, a natural calamity, an awareness campaign where influencers can help, the information you furnish will hold most important in the eyes of a user.
If you are not an influencer yet but your social media presence is almost as effective as one of them influencers, it is better to just partner with them and give your campaign the much needed boost. Influencers have a large audience base and since you have the engaging content, partnering with them can help you find relevant audience and the purpose of the content is served only when it caters to the people it was meant for, in the first place.


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